It’s been more than five years since I have had a cold or flu, despite being around people who have. I know I have been exposed to a myriad of germs both viral and bacterial during that period, but miraculously l have not gotten sick, not even one sniffle.

The Power of Healing Foods and Belief

I am not surprised by this. Years ago I read about the miraculous healing power of raw honey. I eat some every day, even if it is a tiny spoonful. I have also created in my subconscious the belief that “I don’t get sick anymore.” Saying this out loud to others and myself for many years has helped me genuinely believe it. My diet consists of balancing a lot of different foods to strengthen my immune system. Part of my weekly ritual of saying healthy is to remind myself often my “immune system is as strong as steel.”

Oh, No, Could I Really Be Getting Sick?

However, recently as I have mentioned, I have been busy with a lot of extra work selling my home. All this stress has pushed me to my limits and caused me to feel fatigued at times. About a week ago, a well-meaning friend said to me “you better watch out, or you’ll get sick, stress makes you sick.” It caught me off guard, and since I was tired already, I started to give it credence.

I forgot all about my mantra of “I don’t get sick anymore,” and I let the idea seep in that maybe this constant pressure would make me sick. A few days ago I had a particularly stressful afternoon, and I could feel it throughout my body and my mind, I felt like I was coming apart at the seams. That night I started to feel the tiny tendrils of a sore throat beginning. Before bed, my nose was raw and stuffed up. I couldn’t believe it! I was getting a cold. Thankfully, my spiritual guides helped me leap into action!

My Spiritual Recipe for Healing a Cold in 1 Day

The first thing I did was eat two Manuka honey drops with echinacea. I then squeezed some fresh oranges into juice and drank it. I do believe in the power of raw honey and vitamin C, but I believe more in the power of my mind. Then I did a long healing meditation and thanked my spiritual guides for helping to heal me. Before bed, I talked to the cells of my body encouraging them and reminding myself how strong and healthy we are and how great they are at fighting off disease.

The next morning I awoke with no sore throat, no stuffed or runny nose and no symptoms of any kind. It was the cold that never was. The power of our own minds, beliefs, and thoughts is more incredible than any magic. The trick, however, is in the belief that it will work and has already been successful. You must rely entirely on your higher power and let your body work directly with spirit to heal quickly and naturally, as intended. Another thing I was carefully to do was not to even say the words out loud “I have a cold.” I kept that thought out of my mind and didn’t tell a soul. As a result, my mind refused to believe it so did I and it just faded away.

Healing is Natural; Medication is Not

The next time you feel something coming on, instead of reaching for the Nyquil, try a few deep healing meditations. Address the cells in your body directly. Your body is a living organ with trillions of conscious cells, and they are listening. Believe that you do not have to suffer a cold or any other illness and it can be snuffed out overnight, and you may be shocked at the miracle. It can’t hurt to load up on immune-boosting foods to help support your cells as they work to fight off infection. Raw honey is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-virual and it never goes bad! The combination of immune system support and meditation is a winning combo for sure!

Stay healthy this winter in your mind and body.