If you listen to any Abraham Hicks, you will hear them talk about the emotional scale. It’s like a stick and on one end is pure joy and love and on the other end is deep depression and fear. There are varying degrees of emotion in the middle like passion, enthusiasm, expectation, optimism, contentment, hope, boredom, frustration, disappointment, worry, anger and guilt.

As human beings, we are continually moving up and down this emotional scale based on whatever is happening in our lives. Sometimes we feel great and other times pretty awful.

My Faithful Friend Hope

I’ve been pretty lucky most of my life. Regardless of the many struggles, I have encountered, somehow I always seem to feel this tiny little pull towards hope. It might be only a tiny glimmer, but it’s there, and I feel it out of the blue. I am grateful to have had an abundance of hope in my life, no matter how bad things got.

I have experienced some bad luck recently and with it some bad moods, and it’s been more challenging to feel any hope at all. I miss my faithful little companion hope and wish it would come back to me. In the meantime, however, I am working with what I have got.

Anger Is Better Than Depression

I have always been a fighter. I fashion myself a warrior complete with armor, ready to battle whatever comes my way. Lately, however, I have hit a few low notes and not felt so great. I have noticed though when I feel really bad, suddenly I feel like fighting back. I kick into this angry mode, and it dawned on me the other day, I felt slightly better. Anger actually made me feel better!

Well, if you look at that emotional scale, it is no wonder. Anger is about six points up from fear and depression. So even if I had to get angry to get there, I didn’t mind at all. It made me feel empowered and strong again.

Don’t Let Others Tell You How to Feel

Sometimes people like to “help” you by telling you how to feel. My daughter struggles with depression. I have other friends who also struggle with mood disorders, and often they display a lot of anger. When she is angry, I never tell my daughter to cheer up because I know, it’s probably better than the hopelessness she was feeling before.

If someone criticizes you for feeling anger; let them know you NEED to feel this way, and it’s better than you felt before. They may not fully understand, but it’s your life, your feelings and you have to walk through every minute of it your way.

As I make my way back to the top of the scale, back to hope and joy, I plan to enjoy some of those “middleman” emotions because they sure are better than fear, grief, depression, and hopelessness.