Throughout my life I have grappled with various health issues. Sometimes I go through months of severe pain, and then mysteriously, it leaves. I have come to accept that these things come and go, but recently I decided to put an end to it, and try a new way of healing.

Your Body is a Compass

Many people believe (as I do) that our body is designed to be our compass in life. It is constantly giving us signals about which direction to go, what is good for us, and what is not. Often though, we ignore these signs and just keep plugging along.

As many spiritually minded people do, I also believe that we are made of energy and that our emotions are a frequency (vibration). Since our body “feels” everything we do, it stands to reason that all illness and disease comes from our ability to handle stress and trauma. When we experience a lot of negative emotions, the body starts to break down.

Listen to the Whispers

If you don’t listen to the whispers, you will hear the shouts. That is what my hypnotherapist always tells me.

For years I ignored the minor aches and pains. The initial stomach issues started in my twenties. Then as I got older, into my 30s, those stomach issues included more severe diagnoses. By the time I hit 45, I was diagnosed with a carload of diseases and ailments all related to digestion, and yet still, I didn’t listen.

Now in my mid-fifties, stomach and food issues had become my entire focus in life. I whittled down my list of “safe foods” to a minimal diet. When in fact, in reality, no foods were safe or unsafe. It was never the food. Although I blamed food, food was not my problem; my emotions and failure to deal with trauma were.

Healing with Body Talk

Over the past few months, I have worked tirelessly doing deep work releasing old emotions, installing healthy thinking habits, and remapping my brain chemistry. The result is now I can eat anything I want. I mean anything. I had cut out dairy, gluten, meat, and dozens of other foods, and now I can eat them without indigestion, heartburn, or any type of digestive issues.

Some of my healing came from such a simple technique; it is almost unbelievable. I started talking to my body like it was a child. I had begun doing it a few weeks ago, and then coincidently, my hypnotherapist suggested the same thing. I speak directly to the body part that is in pain or suffering and say kind things. I express great appreciation for my body and all it does for me. I thank it for healing and give it encouragement. I act as though I am talking to a friend in need. The results have been nothing short of a miracle! When I am in pain, the pain instantly leaves. Long-term suffering from diseases has simply dissolved away, and I feel more “normal” than I have in years.

Try Body Talk Yourself

If you suffer from any type of pain or ailment, I strongly suggest you try body talk. Body talk may seem strange or silly at first, but when you reap the healing benefits, it might just become your go-to healing technique.

Imagine you are talking to a small child who is hurt or upset. Be kind, be gentle, and say encouraging things. Don’t be afraid to ask your body to heal or ask it what you need to do to heal. Pay attention to the thoughts that come up when you do. All the information is there. Our bodies provide the road map if we only listen.

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