Are you happy with how you spend your days? Do you feel fulfilled or do you hate your job?

A lot of people have asked me lately how I changed careers so quickly and easily. I always laugh because while I was going through it, it didn’t feel quick or easy. In fact many days I cried out of sheer frustration of thinking about having to do something I hated even one more day.

I don’t really think they care about the details but they secretly want to make a change too, but fear holds them back. People are always a little shocked that I changed careers the way I did. They ask me questions like “how did you do it so fast?” I guess eight months is quick for a major career change, but honestly, I made it longer than it had to be.

Beliefs Held Me Back

At the time, I was doing a lot of work with my energy coach, and we discovered that I had some strong beliefs that I wouldn’t be able to find a way from that job to this job. I also worried that I couldn’t make the same amount of money writing that I did in web development. We worked on those beliefs using EFT and then I wrote vision statements about moving gracefully into the career I wanted.

I am still fine tuning the details of this new perfect career and clients come and go like they did with my old job. The good news is I am learning new ways to make that transition easier on myself. I make even more money now and my days are far less stressful, plus I work about half the hours.

Stop Working So Hard

I have held the belief for so long that you have to work your butt off to achieve success. Remnants of that belief still exists in me and if I spend the weekend relaxing, I often feel guilty. A part of me still needs to feel like I am productive.

However, in my continual spiritual journey and by studying the masters who have it all figured out, I am learning that working hard doesn’t get the job done.

A lot of the spiritual teachings stress the point of relaxing and allowing over hard work. So I am trying hard to relax into a less action-oriented state more often.

More Allowing = Faster Results

I don’t know about you, but I can feel it when I am in contradiction. So even though I might want a writing gig, I might feel uneasy about it for some reason, and therefore I am throwing a bunch of resistance into the mix. So now I have two things going on, one “I want that,” and “I want that but…” It’s always those little buts that get in my way of moving quickly into what I want. I know that the constant push and pull slows things down.

Allowing is an art form and a practiced action. Even if all you do in a day is sit and be in alignment and focus on what you want, you are doing something. In fact, according to Abraham Hicks, you are doing far more than any action you could take. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting but you do have to be in vibrational alignment with what you want. Being miserable and hating your job will only bring more of that.

The Bottom Line

My number one hindrance holding me back from things I want are my beliefs. Many of them come from society and what I learned. So, I work hard every week dissolving those beliefs and forming new, better, more productive ones that serve me better. I also re-align myself throughout the day and I do not go to sleep unless I am in a joyful, aligned state.

No one is ever stuck, you can always make a change whenever you want. Even if you think it might be impossible to change careers, you can. I have proven it to be possible and I had more negative beliefs than you can imagine.

Forge ahead fearlessly and do what you want in life. We were meant to be joyful, happy people doing what we love. If you hate your job, let go of resistance, find ways to allow yourself to be guided to the career of your dreams and be happy!