The world is in a state of uncertainty right now, and it is causing a lot of panic and anxiety. Yesterday in the midst of it all, I had a day, unlike any other. I had a busy day planned with various client phone calls and some writing deadlines. Somehow, along with that, I fielded four other stressful calls about the purchase of my condo, and dozens of emails. That night, I was in awe of my ability to stay stress-free, and I recognized that the key was detachment. I wasn’t invested in the outcome of any of the things that were happening around me. I let everything unfold as it did, and I leaned in hard to my faith and trust in God/The Universe to resolve it all. Miraculously, I have reached a place where I am fully accepting of anything, and everything that happens, and I will tell you it feels like pure FREEDOM!

Why the Coronavirus Doesn’t Bother Me

I think the reason detachment was so easy for me yesterday was that because I have been practicing it around the whole virus scare. I mentioned to someone recently that worrying about getting the virus won’t stop us from getting sick. That is the truth. I realize it may not have been helpful, but there is a choice. I choose to trust that even if I do get it, I will be okay. If I am not okay, that is all right too. I cannot control the world, nor do I want to. This thing is bigger than all of us, and it’s pointless to worry about it, remain scared and stop living. Keeping it in perspective allows me to detach from the entire scene and not become swept up in the panic and misinformation. I have spent so much of my life in fear, I think this real and actual threat affords me the space to make a choice, and I chose detachment instead of fear.

Detachment with Love

The detachment also helps me to deal with people who are panicking. As an empath, I typically “feel” what the other person feels, and right now, I do not want to be feeling everyone’s runaway panic. I need to keep myself separate, safe, and calm so that I can be a source of strength to others in my life. Because of my mindfulness practice, I can easily offer words of comfort because I am not caught up in the terror of getting sick or worrying about what I don’t have or can’t get. I have everything I need, and I am doing fine. That does not mean our stores are filled, and we can get all we want. But I have what I NEED, and that is all that matters.

What I Hope Comes Out of All This

I hope that what comes out of this is some perspective. There is much more to life than just making money. Maybe we will appreciate those in our lives more. Perhaps we will learn how to take better care of ourselves. Hopefully, we will use detachment to help those around us cope better. I hope we can be less selfish and learn how to share and live as one, not individual communities, towns, states, countries, and governments. I would like to see the world learn how to use mindfulness in times of trouble to heal and soothe and be kinder to ourselves as well as others.

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