Are negative thoughts ruining your life? Do you wake up feeling inspired, invigorated and well rested? Is your life everything you dreamed it would be?

I didn’t think so. Instead, do you wake up bored, listless, tired and feeling overwhelmed, dreading the day ahead of you? Join the club, most people feel like that at least some of the time.

Snap Yourself Back Into Alignment For Miracles

All the spiritual teachings I have come across in the past two years shockingly say the very same things. That helps me to trust in what I already know to be the truth.

One constant thread throughout the books, videos and audio clips stress the importance of being in alignment with source. Alignment means putting myself into a mode of “listening and allowing” rather than thinking or asking. When you are in alignment, you feel calm, supported, loved and joyful.

It can be difficult at times, my mind races quickly with dozens of thoughts and ideas intersecting. Meditation helps a lot to quiet my mind and help me focus.

Alignment For Co-Creation

Are you dabbling in the art of co-creating your reality, or more specifically, are you learning to be more of a deliberate co-creator? Then the one key element is to be in alignment with God/The Universe often.

Since most of us are reacting to our “present” reality, we forget that the fastest way to bring our “new/better” reality is to focus on the feelings of that new reality. It can be hard though. If we are in pain, angry, or frustrated by some person or situation, we get bumped out of alignment. Then our co-creating becomes muddled and what we get is more the same garbage we are experiencing.

The Law of Attraction

A line from one of the Abraham clips recently said: “this is a law of attraction not of repelling.” So if you are constantly saying “I don’t want that, I don’t like that, stop that, get that away from me.” You are creating by default, not according to what you want and you are resisting what you do want.

There is no “NO,” there is only “YES” so everything you are focusing intently on, you will get more of, whether you like it or not. This law is an absolute truth. It is so subtle that we disbelieve we could be creating it, but we are.

According to Abraham, we are always sifting through what we do want and what we don’t want; what we like and what we don’t like. That is the easy part. We continuously send out requests so that our higher consciousness can deliver everything we “do want.”

The problem is that we do all this asking, but then we don’t expect it to happen, and we continue to keep our focus on the NOW. We don’t just go on with life and wait for the wonderful things to fall into our laps. We obsess over what is irritating us, upsetting us, and causing us pain and we remain stuck in the same, awful, tiring, overwhelming place.

Go Where the Party Is

So instead of reacting to the “what is,” I have been focusing on the feelings of what I want instead. I never think too deeply about the details unless there are absolutely no negative thoughts in there to mess things up.

Sometimes I spend a whole day refocusing my mind back onto good thoughts, so I evoke more happy feelings and stay in alignment.

If we can find ways to bring ourselves into the feelings of what we want, not what we are seeing, smelling, tasting or experiencing right now, our wildest dreams will manifest quickly and amazingly right before our very eyes.

If you can detach somewhat from your now, be in the present moment by being mindful (aware but not focused on anything), you will bring more abundance, more wealth, and more well-being to you quickly.

When you are in a spiral of focusing too tightly on some negative situation that you do not want, you can try these things to get back onto alignment:

  • Take a short nap and forget about it. When you wake up, start off by thinking about the most beautiful thing you can imagine. Keep that thought going for as long as possible.
  • Get out a piece of paper and even if it is a struggle, make a gratitude list of things you appreciate.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditation immediately puts you back in alignment with source.
  • Look at pictures of things that bring you joy or that you have asked for and then expect them to arrive quickly.
  • Make a vision board or write a vision statement that makes you feel joyful. Spend time with your visions looking at them or reading them often. Soak them in deeply.
  • Sit and daydream about beautiful things, sitting on a beach, piles of money, spending time with family or whatever makes you happy.

Crazy Miracles Happen When You Are in Alignment

I have seen the miracle of using the law of attraction in my own life, time and time again. Things that I ask for but then don’t resist, come instantly. When I ask for things and then I spend the day complaining that they aren’t here, only creates more of what I don’t want.

Although we live in an infinite world of gray, this is a black-and-white law which is perfect in every way. It is infallible and works 100% of the time. The trick is how proficient you get at really understanding the system to let go of reacting to the now.

Can you put yourself in the “future feeling?” If you can, and you get good at it, you will deliberately manifest the fantastic life you have always wanted every single day!