My go-to relaxation method after a stressful event or a tough day was a nice, soothing glass of wine. During the hardest year of my life and my surgery, I relied on wine to get me through the toughest bits. However, I have come to realize that daily meditation practice is more powerful, more relaxing, and way more effective than wine.

Alcohol & Sweets During a Stressful Time

Many of the local grocery stores have been hit hard with people binging on certain items. I found it interesting that the ice cream aisle was decimated along with the beer and wine aisles. I think people are leaning hard on comfort foods and anesthetizing themselves with alcohol to get through this COVID-19 experience.

Most of my life, I have been fearful of many things. For some reason, I am not about this. If this happened two years ago, I too would be reaching for that glass of wine to get me through it.

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything

Everyone is experiencing this event in their own way. Many people who I perceived as easy-going have become serious and inflexible. Some people that I thought could never be afraid of anything are now terrified and won’t leave their house without full cover-up gear. It is shocking how this virus has changed many people into something different.

I noticed the other day that some people on Facebook were listing all the hardships we are enduring right now. I am not sure that is the best way to look at it. Perhaps instead, it’s an excellent time to focus on what we do have, the good health of those around us, and those things that are positive in life.

My Approach to COVID-19

I started meditating about ten years ago. At first, I wasn’t very good at it, and I felt uncomfortable “watching my breath.” However, over time I learned how to get into a very relaxed state quickly, and I no longer worry about breathing. I now enjoy the feeling of my breath, guiding me into a healing, connected state of mind and body.

About a year ago, I ramped up my meditation practice to at least two sessions per day. I start with the Daily Calm every morning, no matter what. I make time for it because it is critical to my wellbeing. Then later in the day, I do the more extended David Ji healing meditation and focus on whatever is on my mind worrying me or any physical effects. That meditation is also essential for my mental and physical state. I feel like this single meditation has made me about 75% more mindful.

I believe that because of this, I can step back from all that is going on and have a relaxed, accepting perspective about it. When you remove fear from something, you have space for a lot more!

Mindfulness Gives You Back Control

I cannot begin to express the power of meditation and how positively it can affect your life. No matter what is going on with me, how stressed I am or how much I am resisting, meditation breaks through it all and brings me back to a peaceful place.

During challenging times regarding relationships, jobs, or just life, meditation can mean the difference between joy and sorrow. Meditation is life-changing.

The next time you feel overwhelmed and stressed instead of reaching for the wine, maybe try meditation instead. You might just be surprised how much better you feel and how much longer the effects last.

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