Last night an alert popped up on my phone warning me of “hazardous weather conditions” and an impending storm. I guess there was a horrific thunderstorm one town away with hail the size of golf balls. I felt an instant tinge of worry then I told myself, it probably won’t even happen. With that one thought, it faded away.

Enlightened Reaction

As I read the warning though, something interesting occurred. In the space of a few seconds, my mind went around in a quick circle. I was reminded of how often I used to let news and weather rule my emotions.

Something like a dire warning like this would have sent me into an instant panic and obsession. I would have rushed around in my head thinking about what room in the house would be safest and then taken it further and started imagining tornado warnings and terrible destruction. That is what those warnings are meant to do, panic you so you’ll keep watching, stay tuned in and stay on the edge of your seat in worry. Well, not me anymore, I have broken free from all that.

Worry is Your Only Concern

I remembered a story I heard while listening to anxiety tapes a long time ago. Lucinda Basset was the author of the program, and she suffered for years with anxiety. She was on a plane flying to a sales conference when the captain came on the speaker warning of upcoming turbulence. She then spent the next half hour in a whirlwind of panic, just waiting for it to hit and imagining all kinds of horrible things. Finally, she couldn’t take it one second longer and asked the flight attendant when they would be going through the turbulence. She smiled and replied, “oh that, we are already miles beyond it, it never happened.”

Another helpful story for me to hear was how a very successful man had changed his whole life after reading a sign in a hotel that said, “why bother worrying about it? It will probably never happen anyway.” Just that single idea imprinted onto his mind, and he was able to free himself from fear forever.

Worrying Doesn’t Change Anything

That statement of “it will probably never happen anyway” has become my daily mantra and a big part of my belief system. I used to worry about hundreds of things that never even came to pass; all that wasted energy and fear for nothing. It’s a great lesson and one to keep reminding yourself. I bet you worry all the time about stuff that never happens, right?

So what happened with the storm? It never even came. We didn’t even get a drop of rain last night. I am so glad I turned the other cheek and didn’t give that warning another thought. Because I did, it passed without incident. I find this to be a useful practice now in all areas of my life, not just the weather. Turning my focus away from fear and worry sets me free. I am in control of my reality and I chose what I want to experience. What a wonderful way to live!