Recently a friend sent me the link to two YouTube videos called The Holographic Universe.  They were compilations that the narrator put together of some scientific news clips, experiments, and videos. The two-set series proved quite convincingly that what we understand as our reality is not that real at all.

Is Our Reality Just a Giant Holodeck?

What these videos claim is that we are living in a massive holodeck (for all those Trekkies out there).  Our reality is a complete and elaborate illusion, and that matter is nothing more than a lot of space interspersed with some tiny particles of possibility (some material which can create anything at all). If you think this is amazing, just wait!

The thing I found most interesting while watching the videos, was this double-slit experiment they did.  It has been tested and re-tested dozens of times by different quantum physicists always with the same results.  If you aren’t “observing” or watching reality, it is a big, blank void of nothingness until you look at it “observe it” then it becomes something.  I have to admit; I found that part shocking and it implies life in every molecule and an ever-present consciousness in everything.

In theory, if you could whip your head around quick enough, you might find that before your mind caught up to you, behind you would an empty field of black nothing that had not filled in yet with what you expected to see.  I find that idea fascinating.

So basically our bodies and everything around us which feels so “real” is not at all. There is nothing there but a projection onto a field of energy. This take on things reminds me of the Matrix. Are we all a bunch of bodiless souls somewhere “plugged into” this matrix so we can experience real life and physical reality? I have to admit I have always suspected that this life was “not real” somehow and now science has proved it.

Keeping an Eye on Things

Over the years I have come to understand this concept on my own.  For example; if I have a physical ailment, no matter how large or small, I have an awful habit of “checking in” to see if it is still there, throughout the day.  Often, I wake up groggy and tired, having forgotten all about this ailment. Then I remember it and do my check-in. Before that, however, it is entirely gone; no pain, no bruise, no cut, until I remember it, then it comes right back.

Recently, instead of using EFT and meditation to heal the wound or ailment itself, I have changed my intention instead to erase the memory of it, so I won’t keep re-creating it as I go along. If I completely forget about it, it won’t be real for me anymore. I have found this to be enormously helpful, and I think I am onto something truly valuable. I am attacking the actual problem instead of just the symptom.

My EFT coach agrees and often uses the term “forgive” as in to “give for healing.” The adage “forgive and forget” becomes more meaningful here.  If you can honestly forget, then you have given it for complete healing, and you don’t need it anymore. It will no longer remain in “your” reality, which you are creating yourself through your beliefs, thoughts, and intentions.

Holographic Universe

If you want to view those Holographic Universe videos, the links are below:

#1 –

#2 –

I will warn you that only the first two are science-based, after that, the narrator diverges into his own thoughts, beliefs, and opinions, of which I do not agree, simply because I have experiences that belie his assumptions.

The first two videos are definitely worth watching and a little mind blowing.  Enjoy!