I listen to a lot of Abraham Hicks, and I read a lot of spiritual texts by many experts in the field. One message that comes across clearly is that grasping keeps you stuck. If I am not grasping, then I am resisting. Neither is healthy nor are they helpful in getting me to where I want to go.

Clingy Isn’t Pretty

I am a passionate person. I go all in, and I don’t quit easily. However, when I want something, that means I can grasp it pretty tightly and not let go. We’ve all seen it in movies, and clingy isn’t a good look on anyone. Even if I am just mentally grasping at something, it still feels like reaching and struggling. Regardless of whether it is something I want to buy, a client, I want to win over, or even just some issue with my health. I typically overdo it by clinging too tightly to the outcome.

Holding on Too Tightly to a Good Day

We’ve all had summer days that have been so wonderful we want to bottle them up and keep them forever. I have had thoughts that I wish a particular day would never end. Even now, when a day goes well, or I just feel good, I can’t let it be. I usually find myself grasping on and trying to hold onto that feeling so it won’t slip away.

I am trying to remember more often that everything is continuously changing. I know that letting everything be and accepting what is, is a better way of life. I am working on noting when I feel that intense “grasping” feeling so that I can loosen my grip and let go more.

Letting Go is Much More Fruitful Than Grasping Ever Was

I am in the process of buying a home. During the summer, I looked at dozens of potential offerings, and none of them were right for me. I started feeling a bit desperate that I would never find the right condo to purchase. It was only when I finally let go, stopped grasping at the idea of finding a home, that one literally found me. I didn’t have to go anywhere, consult any real estate listings, visit open houses, or anything else. My new home came to me in the form of a phone call from a friend. Just like that, I had the home of my dreams within my grasp. I didn’t have to do anything but let go to get it.

Faith & Acceptance – A Better Option for Me

In this sometimes harsh world, it is easy to get caught up in feeling like we have to grab all we can before it’s gone. Instead of grasping onto things we want, or resisting those things we don’t, a much more peaceful option is to sit back and trust in God/The Universe to bring us what we want and more. Letting go is trusting, and it is also faith. I am working hard to cultivate a deeper faith and improving my ability to trust. Through meditation and absorbing the teachings of Gabby Bernstein, Abraham Hicks, and others, I am on the right path.