I knew a guy back in my twenties who used to say often “work smart, not hard.” At the time we all scoffed thinking he was crazy. His best friend slaved away at a job he hated, and was tired all the time. That phrase always stuck with me, and I guess he was right because I hear he is now a multi-millionaire. He did it through working in smart, efficient way, not slaving away like a dog, like the rest of us. I am betting you too are probably trying too hard and not getting what you want.

Struggle, Struggle, Struggle

Do you ever start a project and everything goes wrong, and you feel like you are struggling just to make any headway? That is what I am talking about. In those moments is when you stop and realize, there is something here I need to learn or pay attention to; I am trying way too hard, and not getting anywhere.

When I am waiting for a check to come in from a client and obsessing over it, I check the mail every day and “work it,” it does not arrive. The first day that I forget all about it and my focus is elsewhere, the check magically comes. This same magic happens with anything physical I am trying to get to go away, like a headache. Amazingly, this does not occur once in a while but every, single time. I should learn by now.

Overthinking Does No One Any Good

I am a thinker, and I tend to overdo things and think them to death. Working until I drop is most often the way to failure, not success. I have found that when I let go and just let God/The Universe drive for a while, everything falls into place. Paying attention to how I “feel” rather than what I am doing always works better for me.

Abraham Hicks says your inner being knows what you want and the best way to get it to you. We are what gets in the way of that success. I am learning, and more often than not, I am getting out of the way, and the incredible success and magical outcomes that I receive are way better than anything I could dream up. I should leave it to the professionals all the time. But the controlling side of me always gets in the way and mucks things up.

Relax, Let Go and Let The Good Come to You

It may seem counterintuitive but stepping back, letting go and relaxing when you think you should be hitting it hard, is the best course of action and will yield you the fastest, most positive outcomes. Sometimes just a few minutes of clarity will put you right back on track and then things start to go smoothly.

Keep an eye on how you “feel” during the day. If you start feeling stressed, tired or anxious, you are on the wrong path. Take a break, slow down and let go of it for a while. You will be shocked and delighted by what happens.