Do you have pain in your body? Most of us do when we reach a certain age. What I didn’t know, though, was that you can reduce or eliminate that pain by releasing guilt from your mind and body.

Getting Old Sucks

Before age 34, I had no pain, no illness, and had never even broken a bone. I only got sick once every ten years or so with a mild flu, and then it was gone. Then one very stressful day, I slipped on some wet concrete steps and split open my knee. The wound was bad enough to need stitches (actually staples). They prescribed me antibiotics which I had a terrible reaction to (20 of the 21 dangerous side effects). Shortly after that, I had this stupid thought, “Oh, so once you reach the age of 30, it’s all downhill from here.” That one thought seemed to dictate the next ten years of my life.

I broke bones, got very sick with a debilitating illness, and it seemed like I had another body issue to deal with at every turn. This finally resulted in a life-saving surgery, leaving me weak, depressed, and in enormous pain.

Pain Revelation

One of my accidents broke my ribs and back, and I couldn’t sleep in my bed for a year. After that, laying down flat always hurt, and I woke up in pain.

Over the past ten years or so, I have been steeped in energy-healing techniques and finding new ways to bring relief to my mind and body. I read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life.” It was a revelation to me. In this book, she lists just about every malady a body can have and its accompanying emotion. Pain is linked to guilt. The more guilt you hang onto, the more pain you will have in your body.

So, after breaking my ribs and back, I spent years feeling that pain. Then I worked with my hypnotherapist two years ago, and I said I wanted to release guilt. I felt like I was feeling a lot of it in my daily life and probably had a ton stored up from a lifetime of trauma. We worked on that over a couple of sessions.

At first, I didn’t even realize the miracle that had occurred. Then one day, I realized I woke up every morning without that back pain. I have never felt it again. It’s completely healed, this thing that I had for years.

Guilt is One of the Most Damaging Emotions

I love Brené  Brown’s work on shame. She writes some fantastic books that have helped me tremendously. There is, however, a big difference between guilt and shame. Guilt eats away at you like cancer, causing illness and pain throughout your body. It holds on tight to you and will not let you go until you release it.

The tricky thing is that you probably don’t even feel like you have any guilt, but most of us do. I didn’t realize that guilt was the most prominent emotion stored in my body until I worked with my hypnotherapist over those two sessions. It was quite a shock to me.

Since then, I have found great meditations that also help release guilt from the body and any pain I am carrying goes with it. Guilt seems to be my go-to emotion.

Release the Guilt and Be Free of the Pain

My boyfriend lives with a lot of pain in his body in various parts. I hate seeing him suffer, and I wish he would use some of these techniques to release guilt and find relief. But he is on his own path and must find his own way.

Life is hard enough without struggling with daily pain. Release your guilt. It is not doing you or anyone else any favors. Perhaps a part of you believes that you deserve to suffer, but you don’t. Whatever you are holding onto won’t matter in the end, so let it go and be free!

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