We all know that friend or family member who drains you with their negativity. After one conversation, you feel like you need a nap. The power of our emotions is really incredible! We know how potent our own can be. What we often don’t realize is that we also let other people’s emotions drive our moods and we let them steal our positive energy. You don’t have to do that; there is a way to stop it.

Positivity Experiment

Recently I tried an experiment while on the phone with a particularly cynical person. My friend kept going on and on about one negative chapter in her life after another. Every time she would introduce a new topic, I would say something positive about it. It would only take her one sentence of agreeing with me before she would turn it right around again and start the negative flow.

I found it interesting, but I kept trying anyway. I did not win that battle; she was too invested in her way of life of continually complaining and seeing every situation as negative. Nothing I could say was going to turn that around for her. By the time the call was over, I was tired. I let her drain me of my positive energy which then put me in a bad mood.

The Protection Bubble

While working with my energy coach, I sometimes had to deal with difficult people. Knowing I would be around them, would make me nervous as I played out in my head how it would go. One day she suggested that I put a protective energy bubble around myself so I didn’t feel the other person’s emotions. I am very empathic, so I naturally absorb feelings of others, and I have to be very diligent and careful not to allow it to happen with negative people. So, I agreed to try it.

How To Protect Yourself

I sat for a few minutes in meditation and imagined myself being surrounded by a clear, positive insulation bubble. I ran affirmations through my head like “I will not feel their emotions, only my own.” “I will be at peace and observe their emotions but not let them drain me.” “I will enjoy the day and experience only what I want to.”

Miraculously my interaction with this person after putting this imaginary bubble in place worked! I kept cool, calm and felt only my own emotions nothing the other person put out there. It felt like I was insulated and their negativity couldn’t reach me. It was amazing! I was refreshed and empowered knowing I had a tool to combat this destructive issue.

Prepare For Interactions With Others

The next time you are around someone negative, maybe even in your own house, go to a quiet room where you can sit and create your own bubble of protection. Use a lot of good, meaningful affirmations that comfort you. These help to cement the bubble in place. Then go and be around them and enjoy the difference of being aware of their bad mood, but not getting sucked into it with them.

You have complete control over what you feel. All you have to do is prepare and protect yourself against negativity. No one can make you feel anything. Remember your power!