I read something recently that I really liked. It talked about how after you are gone, no one will remember what you owned, what you did, what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. That stuck with me, and I found myself applying it to other things.

People, Places, Things

Some people in my life are challenging to be around. Even though I feel good about my life, choices, and success, others may see me differently. One person in particular, whenever I talk about my life or work, I am guarded, just waiting for them to pounce. They cannot hear something positive without throwing out all the negatives, and I feel bad about myself. I limit my time with this person because it hurts to be around them.

Other people in my life vary on the spectrum; and some I can handle for a bit, and some not at all. I have one friend who accepts me without question. She is such a dear person and holds no judgment about me whatsoever. It’s wonderful to be around her and I like how she makes me feel.

There are places and even music that have an emotional effect on me. Those that make me feel uncomfortable or scared, I try to avoid or limit. Instead, I often visit places that make me feel peaceful, safe, and joyful (like the beach).

How Social Media Makes You Feel

I was trolling social media the other day when I realized I could apply different platforms to the same categories as the people in my life. Whenever I am on Twitter, I see a lot of hate, angry people hurling insults at others, or sometimes just contention between individuals or groups. I don’t like the way I feel after a Twitter session.

Conversely, when I go on Instagram, my entire feed is filled with spiritual inspiration and lovely posts about love, hope, healing, and freedom. I feel good after I read my Instagram feed.

Facebook, for me, is a mix of the two. Therefore, I must be careful about not spending too much time there.

The Cut Goes Deeper

We may not think too much about how exposing ourselves to toxicity in any form affects us, but it does deeply. Constant exposure to negativity starts to cause physical problems. It may start as just a headache or depressed feeling. It could cause more serious issues like panic attacks, severe illness, or worse if it continues.

All that negativity goes deep in our subconscious and affects us more than we know. It’s important to know this so you can watch out for the warning signs and limit your exposure to toxic people, places, or things like social media.

Listen to the Body

Your body is an early-warning system and will give you all the information you need. For me, it starts with a headache or instant stomach tightening. I know something is wrong or doesn’t feel right when my body reacts that way. As soon as I notice it, I head off to my meditation space and get a session in. I sometimes use EFT/Tapping to release intense emotions if I get caught up in something online or have an unpleasant interaction with someone.

The key to living a more peaceful life is paying attention to the things you are exposing yourself to and limiting them. We all do too many things that we don’t want to. It’s high time we start taking care of ourselves better and cutting out those things that make us feel bad. Life is too short to spend it unhappy and hurting. Take back control of your life by setting healthy boundaries.

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