I grew up during the ’70s and ’80s, and I love the music of that era. One of my favorites is 38 Special’s song “Hold on Loosely.” The lyrics are such a good mantra for living in a physical world while trying to remain a spiritual being. I have realized that this one line “hold on loosely but don’t let go” is the key to everything for me.

If You Cling Too Tightly, You’re Going to Lose Control

I am an intense person and I don’t do anything lightly or easily. I usually go full force at it and end up stressed out and exhausted. Over the past year, I have tried to “force” (cling to) finding and buying my perfect home. This approach has yielded me nothing. I became frustrated and stressed out about the tight real estate market in my area. I finally decided a month ago, “I was done.” I didn’t want to get into a bidding war or fight someone over a house. I would just sit back, wait and do nothing for a year or so (hold on loosely to the idea but not letting it go completely).

Instantly I felt better. I was calm, peaceful, and started to really appreciate my current living situation and my nice place. I felt a lot of gratitude. Then suddenly, a week after this decision, I got a call that changed everything. A friend in need had to sell her place, and I have always loved it and wanted to buy it. Suddenly all the obstacles that I was resisting against evaporated, and I was handed the simple, easy solution.

Choose to Focus on Feeling Good and Being Happy

I had a great conversation with my cousin and his wife over the weekend. We discussed all the things we are dabbling in to improve ourselves and our lives. One thing that my cousin said that struck me was his philosophy of focusing all his attention on feeling good and being happy.

We talked about how you cannot control your thoughts (often), and they are simply a movie strip of consciousness streaming by. We can, however, choose which thoughts to cling to and which to let go. I loved this idea so much, and I have been trying to implement it in my world.

In doing so, instead of thinking about all the paperwork I have to sign, all the phone calls and appointment necessary to complete this purchase, I am focusing on how great it will feel to live in my new home. I picture myself sitting on the porch, making dinner in my kitchen, and other memories I am sure to create. This way, I keep myself in a vibration of happiness, hopefulness, and joy rather than worry.

More Control by Letting Go

I am a big believer in control, and that is part of my problem. So even though I am learning to “let go and let god” work out the bigger details, I can feel in control of my own life by choosing what I focus on. That feels pretty great!

I highly recommend holding on loosely to whatever you want, but don’t let go. Then sit back and watch in delight how the Universe serves it up to you.

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